Scottish Dance Pianist and Accordionist

James Gray

Opus Dance

Opus Dance CD Front Cover

Opus Dance is James' latest recording with Susie Petrov. It is almost entirely his compositions ("opus" is a collection of musical compostions) played on piano and accordion. Susie and James leave it for the connoisseur to work out who is playing which instrument on each track.

The dances are written by James' father Alex Gray and published in the Tweedale Collection Volume 4. The music for the previously published dance "The Mathematicians" is a new tune written as a musical canon to match the canon in the dance.

Track List

1. Mississauga Starter 8x32R
2. Buchan's Country 3x48S
3. Budapest Birl 8x32J
4. The Black Squirrel 8x32S
5. Carlin's Loup 4x32R (2 Chords)
6. Cate's Conundrum 3x32S
7. Machine Without Wheels 8x32J
8. Hana 8x32S
9. Inveresk House 4x32J
10. A New Approach 5x32S
11. The Mathematicians 5x40R
12. A Light in the Darkness Waltz/Air
13. Jelly Roll 4x32R

Piano Dance

Piano Dance CD Front Cover

James Gray's solo Scottish dance CD Piano Dance   was recorded on a concert grand piano so all tracks are great to listen and dance to.

Track List

1. Marches
2. Waltzes
3. Ms Katy B. 4x32R
4. Set of Strathspeys 8x32S
5. The Dominie 4x32J
6. Rovin' Robin 8x32R
7. Sands of Morar 8x32S
8. Set of Jigs 8x32J
9. The Arctic Circle 64R
10. Set of Strathspeys 4x32S
11. The Chequered Court 8x32J
12. Set of Reels 8x32R
13. Air
14. Iona Cross 3x32S 3x32R

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