Scottish Dance Pianist and Accordionist

James Gray

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James Gray Biography

Born into a family actively involved in the local Scottish Country Dance scene, James grew up surrounded by a love of Scottish music and culture. He started piano lessons at the age of five, initially being taught by his grandmother, who played for his parents’ dance classes, and later took up the accordion.

James is well known among Scottish country dancers for his solo and ensemble piano playing. He has played as a solo musician at dance schools all over the world, and was the director of the first RSCDS youth school. He plays in the dance band Scottish Measure, and in a duo with Keith Smith. The Host of the Air was his first ensemble release with musicians Susie Petrov and Laura Risk. In 2006 he released a solo album Piano Dance, and he is featured on the RSCDS recordings for Book 17 and Graded Book 2. On Opus Dance he has teamed up again with Susie Petrov to record a CD of his compositions for his father's dances

James lives in Oslo, Norway, where he is often seen skiing or heard playing accordion. He maintains his links to Scotland, and plays regularly at the RSCDS summer school in St. Andrews.

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